Maryland Nursing License

Maryland Nursing License

To obtain a Maryland nursing license one can only from Maryland Board of Nursing. Maryland Board of Nursing license lookup will help you to apply for your own license or check someone’s license validity or existence. To appear in the Maryland nurses license lookup lists, you should apply for and obtain a license. Because of the importance of the Maryland Nursing license, many nurses become RNs or LPNs.

Here you can find the detailed process how to obtain a license. Also, answers for some questions.

How do I get a Maryland nursing license?

If you want to become a nurse in Maryland, your first step should be to find a good school for nurses. For the LPNs the foundation is the high school education. You should then enroll in a practical nursing program approved by the Maryland Board of nursing. If the prices are high there you can apply for a financial aid.

As a nursing student you can practice as a CNA gain experience and complete training requirements. Then, after graduation you can apply to the Maryland Board of Nursing to take the NCLEX exam. You can apply for the permission of your exam though this link.

Then, you will get an email from the Board to submit your background check.

You can go to the police barracks or criminal justice office that does electronic fingerprinting. So, for your criminal history check you will have to pay $57.25. After completing the fingerprinting process you will be authorized to take the NCLEX exam. You may register for your exam by the Pearson VUE. And pay as an exam fee $200.

For RNs the process is somehow the same. To be a RN and obtain a Maryland Nursing license, you should enroll in an approved program. In general, Maryland approves the programs located within the state borders.

If you’re a student, who is enrolled in a clinical program, you will need to obtain a CNA Certification.

In this case, the background check is required. But the application process should be done by the school. Then the process is the same. You should apply to the Board for the permission to take the NCLEX-RN exam. If during your practice you’ve already completed the background check then Board will immediately allow you to take the exam. The $200 payment should be done. And you can register for your exam by Pearson VUE.

But if you fail your exam, you will have to wait 45 days, make the payment and register for the exam again. The Maryland Board allows graduates of registered nursing programs to test, and be licensed, at the PN level.

How do you verify if someone is a registered nurse in Maryland?

To verify if someone is a registered nurse in Maryland you can use Maryland nursing license lookup. Maryland Board of Nursing will allow you to check whether the nurse is registered nurse or a practical nurse. Find out if the nurse is a beginner and is working as a certified nursing assistant. Maryland RN license lookup will help you to find the required information about the nurses.

Here is the link of the Maryland Board of Nursing official website.

Is there a grace period for expired nursing licenses in Maryland?

To renew your Maryland Nursing license you will have to complete a criminal background check.

The renewal period is every two years. And you have 30 day renewal grace period.

For your CNA license renewal, if you are not applying for RN or LPN, you will need to pay $40.

The renewal fee for the RNs is $146. But the LPNs do not pay an assessment fee.

You can apply for your nursing license renewal through the Maryland Board of Nursing Online license Renewal System.

How long does it take to get a Maryland nursing license?

To be a licensed nurse in Maryland may take some years. You will need to graduate from a nursing school. That should be approved by the Board. Then you will need to work as a CNA. Maryland board of nursing CNA license lookup will help you to find the process of obtaining a CNA certification. It should be the first step during your career as a nurse. But if you want to be a licensed RN or LPN, you will need to gain experience, complete some trainings. But the trainings are not a must, it may be required by the Board. Then you will have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Background check is a must for the nurses to submit with the license application.

In general the application reviewing process doesn’t take so long. After submitting your application you will have to wait 3-4 weeks. You can verify that your license has been issued on the state Board’s website.

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