Maryland Banned License Plates

Maryland Banned License Plates

To drive any type of vehicle in the state of Maryland, you need to get a license plate first. But choosing a unique license plate is an important step to be very attentive about. Certain combinations cannot be accepted according to state law. So, this article may help you to choose an acceptable combination for your future vanity plate.

Custom plates in Maryland

Before obtaining a Maryland license plate, you should know that there are 3 types of license plates in the state:

  • Standard plates
  • Specialty and Military
  • Non Passenger plates

In this article, we shall speak about personalized plates and the banned ones.

First, you need to know that the custom plates should have unique phrases on them from the customer. The license plate may contain from two to seven characters. The characters can be both letters and numbers. You will get the issued license plate within 4-6 weeks.

Note that you may apply for the license plate via Email, online with the help of the Maryland MVA, or in person. Consider that your vehicle must have registration before applying for the license plate.

The fee for the custom plates is $50 and extra fees for the standard registration. Also, the MD MVA requires you to pay a renewal fee annually, which costs $50.

The common reasons for license plate refusal in Maryland

The Maryland MVA has certain requirements for the issued license plates. If it contradicts the requirements of the state, then your license plate will not be acceptable. One may find the same issue while applying for the Connecticut license plate.

Here are some points that must be followed while choosing a license plate:

  • The plate should contain up to 7 characters
  • It must contain only numbers or letters
  • The plate can not be used by someone else
  • It should not be objectionable
  • The Maryland MVA will not approve the license plates with curse words, abusive phrases against different races, religions, sexual minorities, also vulgar, offensive content especially containing some sexual abuse.

It is not easy to reveal, especially the last point in the applied license plates. Because the plates may contain some phrases with slang. That is why in some cases the officers that check the applications use urban dictionaries to understand the abbreviations.

Here are some examples of the rejected license plates in the state of Maryland:

  • “FKTRUMP”, “FUTRUMP”, “FKHLRY”, “FUOBAMA”, etc. The DMV rejected these combinations because they contain offensive phrases in the political sphere.
  • “GTFOVER” was rejected, too. It refers to the bad traffic in the state.
  • “MDSUCK”, “MDSUX” etc. refers to the state of Maryland.
  • “GOTS3X” AND “IP00PD” were denied because of the scatological and sexual content.
  • The Administration of Motor Vehicles of the state of Maryland denied the combinations “MURDAH”, “ RAPE”, “GENCIDE”, “C0CA1IN3” because their contents refer to the illegal acts.

So, one should be very attentive for not using the mentioned points while choosing a certain combination for the future license plate.

Anahit V

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