Maryland Cannabis and Marijuana License

Maryland Cannabis and Marijuana License

If you want to get some clear information on marijuana law in different states of the US, you should follow the changes of marijuana legalization, recreational and medical uses. What refers to the state of Maryland, you will need a Maryland cannabis and marijuana license to legalize marijuana use.

This article will cover the needed information while getting a cannabis and marijuana license in Maryland.

In the State of Maryland, cannabis and marijuana use is partially legal. That is to say, cannabis use is legal only for medical purposes, while it is still illegal for recreational and cultivation uses. So, only patients or caregivers are eligible for cannabis use in Maryland. Moreover, they must be older than 18 and registered in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).

According to the MMCC law, the possession of more than 10 grams of cannabis for adult or recreational purposes is a crime. It may be punishable by a fine of about $100. However, if the crimes are continuous, they may be highly fined. For example, more than three offenses may result in even punishment of a $1000 fine or about one year in jail.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

In 2014, Martin O’Malley signed Maryland’s HB 881 legislation that created the Natalie M. LaPrade MMCC. The Commission oversees the possession, cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis and marijuana products in the state.

Moreover, the MMCC is in charge of all testing, licensing, registering, and inspecting processes for the medical marijuana program in Maryland. It also manages the patient and caregiver registration and guarantees that medical marijuana is distributed safely and effectively.

How to Get a Maryland Cannabis and Marijuana License?

As we have already mentioned, in the State of Maryland, only medical use of cannabis is legal. So, we should note that here marijuana and cannabis license is replaced with Maryland medical marijuana card. The patients and caregivers must apply for and obtain this card in order to legally buy cannabis products.

There are a few steps that patients must take for obtaining the Maryland medical marijuana card. Let’s pass them one by one:

Registering in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

The first step that you must take is to register in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) before visiting a doctor. After creating an MMCC registration portal account, there are several pieces of documents that you must provide:

  • proof of valid ID
  • driver’s license
  • passport
  • proof of residency (if an ID does not include it)
  • clear copy of a recent photo

Visit the MMCC website for a comprehensive list of the papers you must supply, as well as requirements for your image and evidence of residency. You must verify your email address after creating an account and submitting an application to authenticate your account.

After that, the MMCC will examine your application and notify you through email if they approve your application. Save this approval email for your records since it will contain vital information for your registration.

Obtaining a Written Certification from a Certified Physician

As there are physicians who are not qualified in Maryland, you must certainly find a certified doctor by the MMCC. Once you have submitted your application and have got approval, you may visit a licensed doctor and get a written certification.

You may connect the Sanctuary Wellness Institute and find a suitable doctor who has the necessary conditions for evaluating your qualification. After the doctor approves your application, you will get a written certification for medical cannabis use.

You may contact the Sanctuary Wellness Institute via:

Completing Your Registration

Thirdly, you will need to provide the Patient ID number that you have got from the MMCC approval email. You should attach your certification to the file and send it through the MMCC’s online portal.

By logging into your MMCC account you should pay a fee of $50 and complete your MMCC registration. After that, you should get your MMCC ID card that will be temporary.

Buying Medical Cannabis from a Licensed Dispensary

Now you can buy cannabis from any licensed dispensary operating in Maryland when your temporary MMCC ID card is in your hand. You must show your MMCC ID card while visiting a dispensary so that your information may be verified in the state’s database.

After getting your certification, you will need to purchase medical cannabis within 120 days. If you delay the purchasing process, your certification will become void or null.

Caregiver Requirements

As already mentioned, in Maryland, apart from patients also caregivers may become eligible for medical marijuana use. However, there are several requirements for caregivers, as well.

The appropriate age for caregivers is 21 years old and older. They may look after up to five people at the same time. If the patient is not a minor, he or she must give approval before the caregiver’s registration. Getting a medical ID card from the MMCC is a must for caregivers too. So, they must receive it before purchasing medical marijuana from any Maryland licensed dispensary.

When caregivers have been approved, they can check in to the state registry to choose a patient. The registration of caregivers is valid for two years.

Application Process for Caregivers

The application process for caregivers is almost the same as for patients. Firstly, caregivers must submit all the required documents; such as proof of ID and Maryland residency. As well as, they must provide a valid photo issued by the US government.

After this process, caregivers must complete their online applications. They should submit them on the MMCC Registry website and wait for approval. After receiving approval, caregivers may choose patients in the caregiver registry.

The fee for a caregiver ID card is $50. So, caregivers must pay the appropriate fee and receive their medical ID card for medical marijuana use in the state.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Use in Maryland

Here is the list of qualifying conditions for patients and caregivers who may use medical marijuana in the State of Maryland.

  • Glaucoma
  • Cachexia (wasting syndrome)
  • Anorexia
  • Severe or chronic pain
  • Conditions that affect hospice or palliative treatment for a patient
  • Severe nausea
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizures
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms

Also, other serious or chronic medical illnesses for which the doctor feels medical cannabis can give relief after other therapies have failed. Anyone can write to the MMCC and request that medical conditions be added to the list.

How to Open a Maryland Dispensary?

There are several requirements while opening a dispensary in the State of Maryland. So, read carefully as it is very essential to know.

  • Maryland medicinal marijuana dispensaries are only able to get cannabis from a licensed Cultivation Center and not from outside the state.
  • Geographically, the organizations will be distributed around the state. The registration certificates and cards that have been issued are non-transferable.
  • The first initial application, which will include non-profit information, evidence of capitalization, site locations, and Growing License business and operational plans or other particular Dispensing Center, will be required as part of the full quality-based application process.
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland must be minimum of 1,000 feet from daycare centers or schools. Both facilities will be restricted to industrial zoning and will adhere to all local laws. Cultivation Centers may be appropriate in rural areas.
  • People must implement the marijuana cultivation process in a locked, enclosed facility where the security is very high.
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries and growers in Maryland must keep up a comprehensive seed-to-sale inventory control system that allows them to track the chain of custody and current location of medical marijuana from the time it is harvested at a MIP facility or Cultivation Center and sold to a Dispensing Center and its patient members in real-time.
  • Although people can distribute Marijuana-Infused Products (MIP), they must produce them in the cultivation center.
  • Laboratory testing for traces of mold or pesticides and determining CBD/THC content, potency, and overall quality is a must.
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