Maryland Security License

Maryland Security License

Maryland requires guards to have a security license. But before that, there is a long way. It calls for fulfilling several points. They are directly related to legality and quality. Hence, one must learn how to walk through them.

Primary Requirements

As shown above, the doors of licensure are not open for everyone. In other words, you have to be eligible for it. See the list below.

  • Being at least 21 years of age and of good moral character
  • Having lawful history
  • Holding a valid driver’s license
  • Having US citizenship (or resident registration if applicable)
  • Not having convictions and mental disorders

There are others as well. This article covers them all.

Find a Job

In Maryland, the process starts with getting a job. You have to be a current employee (or candidate). The reason for this is that you request a permit through the company. Then, they forward the papers to the Secretary of State.
Being that persons shall look for a suitable position. There are regular announcements for vocations.

Engage in a Training Program

Obtaining proper education is always a welcome idea. It is mandatory for armed guards. Generally, wearing or transporting handguns is illegal. However, armed officers have this privilege. They have to complete a sixteen-hour firearm training. Only after that will they have the right to carry weapons.

The courses touch on a variety of topics. For example, they cover working with equipment. Observation and defensive skills do not stay aside as well.

Be sure you select an accredited and approved coursework.

Background Check and Fingerprinting

It is no surprise that a background screening is more than necessary. Every candidate must successfully pass it. In addition, having your fingerprints taken is essential. They want to assure that you do not have any felonies or crimes.

In case of that, your certification may be denied. It especially refers to offenses pertaining to qualification.

Learn How to Apply for the Authorization

There are some details worth paying attention to while applying. Firstly, properly complete the application form and sign it. Include your name, surname, address, and phone. Also, date and country of birth, SSN. Answer the questions correctly. Submit two passport-style photos.

The application fee is $15. It is non-refundable. Your letter will not be accepted unless you make all the required payments. If you wonder about its status, just ask the agency.


As in every practice, security permits are liable to renewal. It guarantees safe operation and validity. The fee is $10. Please be attentive and conclude the process on time. Otherwise, you might pay additional prices. As a rule, there is a penalty of $5 (per day).

More info can be found on the official website. Recent amendments and news are on the page.

Contact Information

SG Unit
1111 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
Telephone: (410) 653.4200, (800) 525.5555

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